Be A Difference MAKER

Published: 6/21

What is a Difference MAKER? It’s someone who has a great attitude and positively impacts and changes the behaviors of others.Contrary to popular belief, attitude isn’t everything. People can have great attitudes, but there are obstacles that attitudes can’t overcome. Someone can have a positive mindset, but that isn’t an adequate substitute for experience. Attitude also can’t overcome someone’s lack of skills. Someone can love helping people and want to be a doctor, but they don’t have the money to enter medical school. While they may want to be a doctor, chances are you probably wouldn’t let someone who has the desire to do something operate on you since they don’t have the medical foresight and knowledge to do so efficiently.

While attitude is an essential component to determining success, people that are positive Difference MAKERS aren’t more intelligent or ambitious than others. They merely have a better way of doing things and achieving their results.

Here are five traits that Difference MAKERS possess.

Ask All the Right Questions

Put a problem in front of a Difference MAKER, and they’ll look at it and figure out how to overcome hurdles and create solutions. The bottom line is that the mentality, “That’s how it’s always been done,” just doesn’t cut it for these goal-oriented individuals.

Pay Attention to How Things Work

Difference MAKERS put themselves in other people’s shoes. That means they can see the importance of understanding things through other people’s points of views, allowing them to better tackle tasks and provide desirable results.

Explore More Out of Network Conversations

Always looking to understand how others think, Difference MAKERS don’t just settle for talking to people that have similar thoughts and ideas. They make contact with people outside their immediate network of associates, friends and family members to understand how other people might view issues based on their personal experiences. This helps them to build on ideas that embrace a wide variety of perspectives.

Constantly Work to Improve Things

Difference MAKERS are always looking for ways to optimize processes, procedures and products. The concept that things are “good enough” does not resonate with them.

Take Ownership of Situations

Instead of passing tasks on or saying something isn’t in their job description, Difference MAKERS love the sense of accomplishment. There is no task too big or small that they can’t tackle.
After weighing in on what makes a Difference MAKER, the central characteristic they possess is a great attitude.

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